An early start...

Friday, November 22, 2013

We had a bit of an early start this morning and were at the Heavenly Gondola at 6:30am for an interview with KRNV Channel 4 News in Reno, and their reporter Alyx Sacks.  It's so exciting and fun to get to participate in all of these interviews as part of the race!  Here is a link to our segment that aired live this morning.
Here's a link to the article where we're mentioned as well.
Unfortunately, as luck would have it, Heavenly was unable to open today due to extremely high winds and with both Kirkwood and Northstar closed as well, that means no skiing for us today.  However, due to the change in rules yesterday, we can still check off one of the mountains and their photo/video challenge.  So we're off to Northstar to explore the village and do a little ice skating hopefully! :)

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