Day 1 of #EpicRace -- Northstar

Friday, November 22, 2013

Well Day 1 is finally checked off our list! Even though we weren't able to ski any of the Tahoe resorts just yet since they're all still currently closed due to lack of snow or wind, we still had a great first day.  We headed up to Northstar Resort since they had some fun and easily accessible to-do items on the official photo/video checklist including:

1) Taste any of the six signature Bloody Mary's at one of Northstar's six signature dining locations including Tavern 6330'. 

This task was awesome.  We had a delicious lunch (thanks Velma!) and even met up with some other competitors including a pair from Denver and a group from Hawaii! It is really fun getting to meet all of the other racers and hear their stories as well.

2) Enjoy s'mores at 3pm by the ice rink in the Village at Northstar while you warm up by the fire. 

How did they know that one of my (Jess') FAVORITE things are s'mores!? Lots of fun and tasty too!

3) Go Ice Staking in the Village at Northstar at the idyllic 9,000-square-foot ice rink.

After the effects of the Bloody Marys sinking in, we were quick to say "let's do it!" and get out on the ice, despite the risk of falling.  Luckily we survived without incident and had a great time zipping around the ice for a bit.

And with that, Day 1 of the #EpicRace is officially complete!

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