Mountain #5 of #EpicRace -- Breckenridge

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Busy day of work!
Well today was our first true, pure blue sky day and it was actually quite warm! We headed to Breckenridge for mountain #5 of our #EpicRace adventure, and what an adventure it was! When we arrived we were bummed to find the only free parking lot was WAY at the end of town and you'd have to wait for a shuttle. Instead we decided to be big spenders and pay the $5 to park right at the Gondola instead.

What a long Gondola ride! It has 2 stops before you reach the base village of the mountain! The lifts at the base were somewhat crowded, so we quickly made our way over to a lift that was completely empty and allowed for very long runs. We did a couple laps there before exploring more of the mountain. The snow was quite good and we even found some powder! Dave even managed to take some quick breaks to handle some work emails in between the runs. It was another fun day on this crazy ski tour of a honeymoon!

For the photo/video challenge at Breckenridge, we decided to complete the following items:

1) On/around the Gold Runner Coaster on Peak 8

2) In front of Ski Hill Grill on Peak 8

3) At the viewer's outlook on Ski Hill Road... and this is where things got interesting...


Credit to Dave for the awesome video editing! Hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving tomorrow! Hard to believe we only have 2 resorts left in Colorado before we head off again! Whooo!

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