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Monday, February 17, 2014

It's Monday! (You can take that with excitement or dread depending on how you feel about Mondays...)

It was a fairly low-key weekend for us as we didn't have anyone from our ski lease come up to use the house for the holiday weekend since passes were blacked out. It was so quiet!  The weather is also still confused on whether its supposed to be winter or summer, with rain instead of snow at our house. So we decided to skip on skiing.

We never do very much for Valentine's Day each year since our anniversary is only a month later, but we did do a little something to celebrate.  I made Dave an awesome, decorated, handmade card, and he brought home some gorgeous pink tulips -- my favorite!

He also surprised me with my all time favorite dinner that he cooks -- Seared Ahi Tuna! It's marinated in orange juice, soy sauce and cilantro and he adds a macadamia nut crust. Delicious! If you're in Tahoe and need some fresh fish, we highly recommend Overland Meat & Seafood Co. They get fresh fish delivered every Friday straight from Hawaii. They also have a wide selection of organic, grass fed and free range meats.

We also opened a bottle out of our special case of wine from Ernest Hill Wines. This winery was a favorite of mine when we lived in Australia so we joined our wine club.  Before we moved back to the States, we picked up a full case of wine that we've been working our way through over the last 4 years on special occasions.  Unfortunately, the 2008 'Dam' Merlot (the only merlot I've found I actually like) had already turned bad. Damn! Dave thinks it may have been seal fail that caused it, but talk about a disappointment! We decided to open the 2009 of the same name to see if that was any better.  Luckily it wasn't a complete fail, but it was definitely past it's prime and needed quite a bit of time to open up -- like 24hrs... We ended up drinking a bottle from Safeway that was much better although rather ordinary.  Fingers crossed the last 3 bottles we have hold up one more month till our anniversary!

We also enjoyed the beautiful weather with a walk down to the beach (yes the beach in February!).  Other than that, it was quite the low-key weekend with plenty of time spent in front of the fire catching up on HBO and Netflix. So excited that House of Cards is back!

How did you spend your long holiday weekend? 

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