Weekend Recap!

Monday, February 24, 2014

This weekend turned out to be a rather warm one here in the mountains with temps in the upper 50s! Certainly has not been much of a winter out here in Tahoe unfortunately, but we weren't complaining about the warm weather this weekend.  We've been grilling almost every night for dinner which has been really nice (and tasty!).

Thai Shrimp and Quinoa!
We tried a new thai shrimp and quinoa recipe that turned out delicious and I'll share later this week. We also spent some time with our friends over at Schue Love enjoying the beautiful weather with a leisurely walk down to the beach and then enjoyed lunch at our favorite spot at Edgewood.

Love this view!

The weather was SO nice this weekend that we even grilled some tasty sausages on Sunday and sat out on our deck enjoying lunch and the sunshine! Bondi was a happy camper sunning herself on the deck.

I also completed my first FULL week of eating gluten free! After cooking in all week we decided to order a gluten free pizza from our favorite local spot.  Unfortunately gluten free crust only comes in small or medium sizes and not a large pizza which was a bummer.  They also charge an additional $3 to make it gluten free.  I don't think we'll order pizza too often because of it, but the good news was that it turned out really delicious! I couldn't tell the difference other than the thinner crust so yay!

I also experimented with some gluten free baking and decided to tackle the classic Chocolate Chip Cookie. I figured that this cookie would be the true test to gluten free baking -- if I could make it taste as good as the original than I would be sold on giving up wheat flour.

Well I'm happy to report they were a big success! I'll be sharing my gluten free high altitude version tomorrow so check back! Hope everyone's week is off to a good start!

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